LaGard Locks



- The industry leader in security and reliability

- Offers users a simple, secure solution for

  access control

- Can be used on home safes, gun safes, or any

  safe requiring the security of an electronic lock

- Great for residential or retail use

- An outstanding choice to upgrade or replace

  a traditional mechanical lock

- Flexible entry lock with inter changeable locks

  and keypads offering a multitude of choices

- Provides both affordability and dependability

  second to none












LaGard 4715    



- This electronic combination lock is a

  multi-user lock that up to 19 users may

  interact with

- Can be programmed with the keypad

  or by using a PC

- Great for commercial and industrial

  market use

- The Windows based ComboGard Pro

  setup software allows you to configure

  the lock and upload information

- Software features several options

- Audit software up to 63 lock events

- Available with redundant locks












ComboGard Pro Series 



- The AuditGard is a multi-user electronic

  combination lock that provides superior

  access control

- Has a 512 event audit with time and date

- eKey or eKey II features include Dual Token

- The AuditGard electronic lock series was

  designed to increase accountability

- Features Window based LG-Audit Setup

  software that can be configured from a PC

- The software features a wide range of


- The LG-View Auditing Software is an

  essential tool











AuditGard Series    



- Use this auxiliary key lock for a variety

  of purposes

- Mechanical lock that is durable enough

  to be used time and time again

- Uses a special patented locking

  mechanism that prevents burglar threats

- Auxiliary key lock is available with 3",

  4", 5", 6", and 12" keys








SmartLinc 2





- Offers advanced features for controlling safe access

- SmartLinc, SmartLinc II, and the SmartPoint together make up the LaGard Smart Series

- The Smart Series offer a range of features including multiple master codes for 8 - 98 users and role assignment

- Offers up to 4000 audit events in each lock and 1000 system events at the logic module

- Features a silent duress alarm and time lock delay which is perfect for added security

- The SmartPoint lock comes with fingerprint access

- Available with redundant locks












Smart Series



- The VisionGard is a mechanical access

  control device

- It is the most popular lock LaGard sells

- Comes with or without a key

- Available in a variety of finishes inluding:

     - Satin Chrome

     - Brass

     - Bright Chrome

- Features a stylish design that is secure

  and affordable

- Ideal for protection in any home, restaurant,

  or retail location


Auxiliary Key Lock

Group 2M Mechanical Lock 



- The new Group 2M mechanical combination

  lock is the first new concept to be designed

  in the last 200 years

- Ideal for retrofitting safes and vaults

- This mechanical lock is the first that can be

  installed without removing the lock cover

- The Group 2M lock is extremely easy and

  fast to install

- Lock also provides quality protection against

  all threats

LaGard 9250

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