Medical Security 

Wilson Safe offers a wide range of medical security products. Our wide product range includes everything from

high security safes and smart safes, to narcotic cabinets and counterfeit detectors. We also offer a complete service and support system including a 24/7 call center. Get help even on nights, weekends, and holidays. 

High Security Safes 

These safes are a great way to provide top notch security for

your valuables. Wilson Safe distributes only the finest high

security safes designed to repel robbery threats. We offer all U.L.

high security safes featuring TL30x6, TL30, TL15 safes and more.


- Burglary resistant


- Short lead-time item


- Extremely high grade PSI concrete


- Proven to provide extreme protection


- Made in America



Modular Vaults 

Our modular vaults can be installed and ready to use in just a few short days. A modular vault system means flexibility. Vaults can be readily expanded at any time with minimum hassle. We use extremely high grade PSI concrete, allowing our vault panels to exceed the requirement of UL. Our vaults are currently available in Class 1 or Class 2 ratings. 

Narcotic Cabinets and Retail Safes 

Our pharmacy safes and cabinets are a great choice for any 

establishment. Select a product that fits the needs of your 

specific application. Units are designed with drawers and shelf 

options for easy access and additional storage capacity. 

Heavy-Duty Drawer Slide Units 

The perfect solution for the efficient storage of your small to mid-size products. These drawer units can pay for themselves by reducing your storage footprint by 60%, cutting parts retrieval times in half, improving parts organization, and adding security for increased loss prevention. They combine the best features from the industry with cutting edge design and manufacturing technologies to provide you the best MDC unit on the market, at an affordable price. 



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Please Note: All measurements are in inches. Outside dimensions include handle and object projection.

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 Ca$hTrak Supervisor




Height: 17"

Width: 6.5"

Depth: 13.75"

Weight: 34 lbs









Smart Safes 

Our unique line of Ca$hTrak smart safes are the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to instantly secure cash right

at the point of sale. The ALL NEW Ca$hTrak Supervisor is an ideal unit for any business application. Choose Ca$hTrak

and never lose track again. 

Counterfeit Detectors 

We offer everything you need to run your business successfully. Our full line of currency scanners, money counters, and counterfeit detectors are a great choice to help defend your business. The ALL NEW S-960 is a portable counterfeit detector that can easily be attached to a belt for on-the-go use.