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September 27, 2017

With the holiday season fast approaching, don’t wait until it’s too late! Now is the time to seriously consider boosting the security at your retail location. Increased customers means increased profits but it can also mean an increase in theft which often translates to an increase in security concerns. So, what can you do to prevent threats that pose an immediate threat to your bottom line? Below are 5 great tips you can use to help defend your business as we enter 2018.


Perform preventative maintenance on your safe

A simple PM can ensure that your safe is up to speed and ready for the busy season. You’ll be interacting with your safe more often than usual and the worst thing that could happen is not being able to secure your values or not having access to your cash to perform transactions. Preventative maintenance should be performed once a year. It also helps you avoid costly repairs later. Call our service department to schedule.


Install security cameras

You will want to invest in security cameras if you haven’t already. Be sure to target high risk areas such as the doors, cash registers, and sections of your store that are busy with foot traffic. Cameras out in plain view often deter thieves, encouraging them to find locations without such equipment. You’ll also have evidence on tape if an incident should occur. If you do already have cameras installed, check that all your equipment is working correctly. This includes your recording capabilities.


Test your equipment

Having the right hardware in place is one thing, ensuring it works when you need it is another. Checking your alarm system, ensuring all employee codes are up to date, and that your access control allows entry and denies access according is critical. There’s nothing worse than forgetting to remove or delete a former employee only to have them gain access to your building with the codes to your safe.


Keep a light or two on

Empty buildings are a target for thieves. Give the illusion your business isn’t totally vacant by making sure some lights always remain lit. It’s also a good idea to light up exterior areas, set automatic timers, and check to make sure your parking lot is well illuminated.


Limit product access

Secure expensive items by locking them up or protecting them with a tamperproof security tag. A video monitoring service can also help identify targets and they won’t be distracted by a customer on the floor asking a question while another person on the floor is slipping merchandise into their pockets.


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