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October 25, 2017



Xtreme Lock- A Highly Advanced Electromechanical Safe Lock


One of our newest locks is the SafeLock Xtreme. This sophisticated lock features, EMP protection, optional Bluetooth connectivity, and even emergency dial access. It is an excellent choice for high security safe applications.


What makes this particular lock so unique?

Aside from it being simple and easy to use, it features several unique features. It has push button access, spin dial access, easy keypad programming, and even an EntryPad BackLit for easy code entry lighting even in the dark.


How durable is the lock?

The lock is capable of opening over 10,000 times on a simple 9 volt battery. (1,500 - 2,000 with the Bluetooth version) The lock itself is made from quality materials featuring a stainless steel EntryPad and housing.


Does the lock have any safety features?

This particular lock has a 5 minute penalty lockout upon entry of 4 incorrect codes. The dial portion of the lock allows the user to convert the electronic lock into a mechanical one. A built in light makes it easy for the user to see combination numbers.


Has it been tested?

This lock undergoes a 2,000 cycle quality management program before it leaves the manufacturing facility. Above any other feature, the greatest benefit of this lock is the unprecedented quality and reliability it provides.


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