Fortitude for Fire

November 9, 2017

The Highest Rated Fire Safe Available


Did you know that not all fire safes are created the same? Believe it or not, just because a safe is fire rated, doesn’t mean it will give you the fire protection you need. Fire ratings are often overlooked but they should actually be one of your top considerations. When looking at what type of fire safe you should purchase, keep in mind that your minimum protection level should be at least 1 hour. Safes with less than a 1 hour rating might not provide you with adequate protection to survive a typical home or business fire. In addition, some entry level safes offer a 1 or 2 hour fire rating but fail to state that they are only tested at 350 - 600 degrees. Our fire safes are tested at 1,832 degrees which is the highest fire rating available. Burglar ratings work in a similar way so it’s important to be aware of the details of each fire and burglar rating.


Be aware that there is no such thing as a fireproof safe. Many companies offer this but fire safes can only be rated based on their measure of protection and fire level for amount of time. Know that fire protection is not the same as burglar protection. Although fire safes do a great job of protecting contents during a fire, they aren’t meant to be attacked. For both a fire and a burglar rating, you would need to seek a safe with both such qualities. Finally, it is important to note that there is a possibility you may need a high security safe which is a level above either of those safes based upon the worth of cash and valuables being stored inside.  


This actual example is the perfect illustration of why a quality fire safe is so critical. During this real fire, the Wilson fire  safe was successfully able to preserve and protect the interior, leaving it virtually undamaged. The customer was able to obtain all their valuables successfully.

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