Turning the Tables

November 30, 2017

Holiday season is open season for crime. Unfortunately, home invasions greatly increase between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. It’s a grand opportunity to steal. Homes are a particular target with thieves looking for any opportunities such as a flimsy lock on a door or an open window. To help protect your home, below are some valuable tips to and basic crime prevention measures that you can take. Remember, thieves don’t take a holiday break.


- Alarm systems, cameras, and good exterior lighting are key. Keep doors and windows locked at all times. Invest in good locks. Cheap locks are inexpensive but are often easily popped by thieves.


- Keep valuables in a different location other than your bedroom. Burglars on the hunt for cash and valuables will hit the master bedroom first. Keeping things like jewelry stored inside a (properly rated) safe (bolted to the floor) in another room is the better option.


- Don’t think home invasions happen at night. If fact, during this time of the year, you’re more likely to be burglarized during the day because robbers think nobody is home. You should always be alert and aware of your surroundings.


- Think about your vehicle. Some people don’t realize thieves can often access your home through your car. Take the house key and garage door opener with you inside the home if you’re parking outside. Don’t leave merchandize in your vehicle that is easily visible.


- Less is actually more when it comes to landscaping. Burglars will target homes that have hiding spots such as abundant bushes or large trees. Homes with open spaces aren’t particularly appealing targets.


- Don’t advertise your trip. Social media is a big issue when it comes to this subject. Don’t post, leave away messages, or a greeting on the answering machine about your trip. It’s an advertisement for thieves. Instead, wait until after your trip to share your fun with everyone.









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