Restaurant Reassurance

January 26, 2018

Every foodservice establishment tries to make the safety of their customers and employees a top priority. Security within the restaurant is a critical piece of any safety program. There are steps you can take to help prevent crimes. As we all know, the most effective way to maintain a safe environment is to stop crimes from starting before they even have a chance to begin. The following steps are a great place to start in your restaurant to boost security.


Security Systems and Personnel



In this business, it’s always a good idea to have an alarm system. Don’t forget about your smoke detectors either. If someone accidentally leaves the deep fryer turned on overnight, you’ll want a smoke detector that can automatically notify the fire department, minimizing potential damage.


Audio and Video

Make it clear that someone is being taped. Even if they aren’t actual running cameras, (although they should be) it’s still a great way to make a criminal reconsider their actions.



Similar to some of our other security posts, lighting is a critical element. Vandalism and other crimes are far less likely to occur in well-lit areas.



If your restaurant serves as a nightclub or bar, you might consider having a well-trained bouncer. A quality bouncer can defuse situations, monitor surveillance, and even escort customers and employees to the parking lot. Offering this kind of security will also help boost your reputation in your community as a safe and trustworthy establishment.


Threats and Options



If you’ve deployed other safety procedures such as cameras and surveillance equipment, that should be enough to keep your business safe in this area. If action is taken, have some extra security measures in place. Having a safe and changing the combination regularly is a great way to  prevent internal threats. Check on your employees on a regular basis. Make sure their morale is in a good place.


Plan Ahead

Lock up on your valuables in a safe, especially at night. Most crimes in this business occur in the late afternoon and again from 9:00pm - 2:00am. Be on alert when customers are consuming alcohol during happy hour and other times drinking is more frequent.


Control Cash

Registers are a top target. Keep a limited amount of money in the cash register at all times. Take full advantage of your safe by keeping larger quantities of currency there.

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