Movie Myths

August 20, 2018

Hollywood has a way of making safes and vaults a big part of their motion picture films. They especially love a good heist story. Somehow, even part of us always slightly roots for the cool guy to pull off a remarkable plan where he makes it to Hawaii with his new model girlfriend. Interestingly enough, the theories you’ve become accustomed to seeing would never work. Here’s why!


1. Getting Away - Even if you manage to actually escape, technology will always catch up to you. Some banks also plant dye packs inside their bags.


2. Breaking in a Vault - It’s nearly impossible. Aside from the fact vaults and vault doors are constructed out of incredibly durable materials, the guards, cameras, and alarms both outside and inside the vault make it an enormously difficult task.


3. Armored Cars - The movies do a great job of pulling off their heists in transit. The truth is, the good guys have thought of all the ways to protect their vehicles. Armored cars feature deep plated steel and are strictly designed to deflect high-powered bullets right down to the window angles. A few blown out tires can’t even slow it down since plastic liners hug the inside of the tire, providing it stability for miles.


Although it’s cool to see your favorite actor pull off the robbery of the century, safes and vaults actually provide much more protection that you might realize. Everything you do see in the movies has already been thought of by safe and vault manufacturers in real life. Does your safe or vault have all the secure features you hope it might?

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