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November 6, 2018

Avoiding the Black Friday Frenzy


Shopping after Thanksgiving or the morning of Black Friday is often the official kickoff of the holiday season. However, there are some hidden dangers you should be aware of. Below are some smart tips you should use to make your Black Friday more productive, safe, and most of all, a fun one.


Use Your Trunk -

Never leave shopping bags or valuables in obvious sight. Always place them in your trunk, tuck them under the seat, or cover them with a blanket. Burglars love what they know they can get their hands on.


Watch For Pickpockets -

Sadly, during this time of year, crooks look at it as a prime opportunity to take advantage. Never leave your bag unattended. It’s an invitation. Keep your purse on your body and if you’re a man, move your wallet from your back pocket to one of your front ones instead.


Avoid ATMs -

You really want to hit the bank a few days before to avoid having to use an ATM in the store on Black Friday. Try to budget ahead so you can manage this. If you must, shield your PIN as best you can and don’t leave any receipts containing your information behind. Destroy them using a shredder once you’ve returned home.


Pay Attention to Your Health -

Don’t get so focused on the day that you forget your own health. Have sufficient water and snacks on hand. It’s a good idea to dress warm and bring hand warmers if you’ll be standing in long outdoor lines. Remember, it’s already November as we get close to ending 2018. It will be cold fast, especially when the sun goes down.


Stick to One Credit Card -

For financial purposes, it’s smarter to use cash you may have withdrawn from your ATM a few days prior anyway. However, if you are using plastic, stick to one card. If you do become an unfortunate victim of scamming or if you lose your card, you won’t have to mess with multiple card companies to resolve the mess.


Finally, you will run into aggressive folks both on the road and inside the stores. Don’t fight with people over an item or parking space. It’s better to take the high road and let an angry person have their way instead of getting into a physical altercation which will be sure to ruin your fun day.

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