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Compulsion of a Crook

Ever wonder about the tactics burglars use and how you might be able to counterattack them? Don’t get tricked by what you see in the movies and online. A common misconception is that burglaries take place at night. In fact, most take place during the day when parents are at work and kids are at school. Below is a bit of knowledge and insight into a burglar’s mind.

Dogs –

Dogs will deter burglars. However, never place your dog outside when you’re away. Burglars will lure animals away with meat, like sausage where poison or a drug is concealed inside it. Keeping your dog inside makes your animal less likely to fall for these types of attempts.

Power Loss –

Sometimes, burglars plan to attack areas when the lights go out. Some might even try to force a power outage. Always have a fully charged cellphone on standby at all times to combat this.

Dumpster Diving –

Before throwing out important documents, shred them. Anyone can rifle through your trash and obtain a lot of information about you.

People You Know –

Sadly, your maids who clean the home, municipal workers who get your trash, cable repair man, and the garden service guys all take a look around your property. Often, it’s these folks who ask to use a bathroom and get a better look inside your home are the ones infiltrating it later.

Be diligent about who you hire. If you can do something yourself, you should. Plus, you’ll save money and eliminate the threat of a potential burglar in the process.

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